Studio Phasen has announced the release of the FM Synthesis Collection, its second release in the Studio Sample Selects.

Studio Phasen FM Synthesis Collection art

The FM Synthesis Collection features the sounds of the Yamaha TX81Z and Korg Volca FM.

We took some classic FM synth sounds from a vintage DX series unit as well as sounds from a new Volca FM.

With some help from a 1980s sampler (the Akai S1000), some excellent hardware reverb units (Eventide, Lexicon), and gentle but effective analog compression and EQ (FMR Audio RNLA 7239, Revive Audio Modified CL 7720 Buss Compressor, Vintage Audio Skyline M3D Mastering EQ) we created some larger than life drones, crispy chords, juicy basses, and textured pads.

FM Synthesis Collection features

  • 358 individual samples.
  • Audio captured and delivered at high quality – 24bit 88.2kHz and 24bit 44.1kHz used.
  • 18 Ableton Live Sampler Racks included, or just use the .wav files in your own sampler.
  • Receive download link immediately after purchase.
  • Royalty-free sounds.

The sample pack is available for $12.99 USD.

To celebrate the release of the FM Synthesis Collection, Studio Phasen has also released a free sample pack featuring an additional 90 FM synthesizer sounds from the TX81Z.

More information: Studio Phasen / FM Synthesis Collection