Studiodevices has released Bree Casedy, a professional library of impulse responses.

With an amount of 700 MB, this impressive collection sounds stunning detailed and was produced using the brand new american reverberator, released in summer 2007.

Studiodevices Bree Casedy

Bree Casedy features

  • Recorded in 32-Bit and 96 kHz to keep each detail alive for the following convolution process.
  • High-compatible wav-format (24 bit/96 kHz), so you can use the library on any platform and in any convolution plug-in available.
  • Each reverberation was sampled in three ways:
    1. Stereo (The files name ends with a ‘S’)
    2. Left (The files name ends with a ‘L’)
    3. Right (The files name ends with a ‘R’)

The Bree Casedy library has an introductory price of 59.99 EUR and is available as a download and on CD-ROM (additional fee). Retail Price from February 1st, 2008 is 79.99 EUR.

Visit Studiodevices for more information.