Studiodevices Reflections LE

Studiodevices has released Reflections LE, a reverb plug-in with zero sample latency.


  • First class 500 MB studio-library
  • Easy and friendly user-interface
  • Production-ready Presets
  • Expandable through own impulse-files
  • Modulation of the reverb
  • Extended stereo-adjustment
  • Reverb-optimized high- and lowpass-filter
  • High-optimized stereo algorithm
  • Samplerates up to 96 kHz
  • 32 Bit Floating Point Operations
  • Latencies from 0 to 512 samples

The demo version has the following limitations: every 20 seconds, the reverberation is muted. Preset-browsing is deactivated and it has a fixed latency of 64 samples. (For any other information about latencies ect. you can consult the included manual).

Reflections LE is available for the introduction price of 59 EUR.

Visit Studiodevices for more information, listen to sound demos and to download the demo version.