StudioLinkedVST has released Drum Pro, a free drum machine instrument for Windows and Mac.

StudioLinkedVST Drum Pro

StudioLinkedVST offers a great FREE virtual drum machine to create electronic and urban beats on Mac and Windows.

DRUM PRO comes with 20 drum kits and 9 vintage drum machine sounds (including the famous TR-808 and TR-909). Each element is mapped to a virtual pad, which is controllable externally with your MIDI keyboard or drum pad) and features its own volume and pan controls. You can also adjust the attack, decay, sustain, release and volume globally and a reverb is included.

DRUM PRO is FREE, you can also complete the sound collection with paid expansion packs that cover many music styles, but with this “basic” version you’ll have a great time.

Drum Pro for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is a free download.

More information: StudioLinkedVST / Drum Pro