StudioWeapon Underscore

StudioWeapon has announced the release of Underscore, a virtual instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Underscore is an instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.1. It is designed to meet the needs of modern working composers, who are often asked to write and deliver a LOT of music in a short amount of time.

It includes a wide array of acoustic-hybrid and electronic sounds, which can be played as instruments from your keyboard, or driven directly from the key-triggered FluidPhrase Engine. In concert with the Phrase Envelopes, 5-layered voice architecture, filter modulation and FX, Underscore is a juggernaut of rhythmic scoring.

Underscore features

  • Fluidphrase Engine
    • Adjustable length step sequencer – 1 to 32 steps.
    • 5 play modes (Legato Return, Polyphonic, Poly-Retrigger, First Step Hold, and Chord Split).
    • Adjustable count-base – locked to host tempo.
    • Easy octave transpose (up to 3 octaves up or down).
    • Adjustable swing timing.
    • Per-step gate control.
    • Fully polyphonic for detailed musical phrases.
    • Up to 12 patterns available via instant key-switches.
    • Real-time velocity modulation using Inc/Dec and Sculpt tools.
    • Extensive key-switches for automated pattern editing.
  • Layer Mixing
    • 5-layer architecture.
    • Round-Robin or Stacked.
    • Layer X-Fader.
    • Each layer includes: Independent envelopes for Volume, Pitch, LP2 Cut, LP4 Cut, and HP4 Cut, user-drawable velocity and cross-fade response curve, pitch adjustment, playback range limits, playback delay (up to 100ms), parameter randomization (volume, pan, pitch, sample start, start delay).
  • Insert FX
    • Layer-independent filters (LP2, LP4, HP4).
    • Layer-independent 2-band Shape EQ.
    • Distortion, Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, Compressor.
    • Ping-pong Delay and Algorithmic Reverb.
    • Convolution Processor.
    • Master Filters (LP 4, HP4, Notch).
  • Modulation
    • Mod Matrix with more than 50 destinations.
    • Bi-polar knobs for quick modulation inversion.
    • 4 powerful Phrase Envelopes with 2 play modes.
    • Per-layer velocity response.
    • 4 assignable Flex Modulators (A-D).

The Underscore library for Kontakt costs $249 USD. Requires Kontakt 5.1+ full version.

More information: StudioWeapon