stw-audio has released REFLEX Pro, a 4-channel multi FX delay that covers a wide range from generic delay up to spacey ambience, droning pads or even heavy distortion effects.

After two months of beta testing and bug hunting RELEASE Pro is ready for its release and I’m happy to finally present it after a long time of waiting!

stw-audio REFLEX Pro

stw-audio REFLEX Pro

REFLEX Pro features

  • Two independent stereo delay paths with a pre-defined feedback matrix and a special overall modulation osc known from the REFLEX free ambience generator.
  • Two filter sections including two algorithms and x-fadeable filter types with selectable “hook points”.
  • Two saturation sections featuring soft saturation and distortion.
  • One additional feedback loop with 4 routing types for dense reverb and feedback effects.
  • 4 channel frequency shifter for unique flanging and frequency modulation sounds.
  • 4 LFO modulation sources with 34 waveforms 3 different play and many trigger modes.
  • 2 Envelope followers driven by RMS detectors with 0/1 clipping settings.
  • A panorama rotation algorithm for special rotating sounds beyond the possibilities of a standard L/R panning.
  • Modulation of most parameters with six modulation sources.
  • Free assignable MIDI controllers.
  • Comes with more than 150 presets.

REFLEX Pro is available to purchase as a VST effect plug-in for Windows, priced at 49 EUR.

More information: stw-audio / REFLEX Pro