SubBass Academy has launched part 2 of its exclusive tutorial video on the FabFilter Pro-Q 2 equalizer plugin.

In this video Fabio Landrum demonstrates how to use Pro-Q 2 for mastering.

SubBass Academy of Electronic Music offers 2 insightful tutorial videos on FabFilter’s marvellous Pro-Q 2 plugin.

Perfect for beginner to intermediate levels, DJ/Producer and SubBass tutor Fabio Lendrum takes you through the basics of the EQ functions and using this plugin in the mastering process to tighten those mixes. More videos release every week.

SubBass Academy also offer unlimited access to all their online courses through their SubBass Online membership service.

If you’ve missed the introduction video to Pro-Q 2, you can watch part 1 of the tutorial here.

More information: SubBass Academy of Electronic Music