Subject Sound has announced a 12-week online course in which Jor van der Poel will help you get control over your sound.

With modern tools and workflows it can be difficult to define where sound design/production ends and where mixing begins, and many producers will start mixing while working on their tracks.

In Creatively Mixing Electronic Music, Jor shows a complete workflow starting with mixing/processing while producing to the final details in the arrangement, and creative mixing and mastering.

This 12 week course is separated in two different parts; in the first 6 weeks we’ll learn all the basics about Gain Staging, Compression, EQ, Delays, Modulation FX, Reverbs, etc. In the second half of the course we’ll revisit all of these topics but this time from a producer/Sound-Designer point of view, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities. You’ll start to understand how one tool has multiple purposes, and how you can fluently switch between the various uses. At the end of the course you’ll be able to understand sound, instead of just being able to “Mix” or “Produce”

Getting control over your sound is a powerful feeling; it allows you to be more creative and it makes mixing and finishing your songs a whole lot easier.

The course is a blend of recorded lessons with instructor Jor van der Poel (ROLI, Pyramind, Loopmasters, ADSR Sounds) and weekly live lessons where you can get feedback on your mixes and your sounds.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced producer, our online training is designed to help you make your tracks sound powerful and professional, getting everything to sit right in the mix and creating engaging and interesting arrangements.

The course starts June 12th, 2018. You can sign up now for the 450 EUR (regular 600 EUR). All students get lifetime access to the course videos (including updated lessons) as well as academic discounts on software and plugins.

More information: Subject Sound