Subject Sound has announced its Delay Masterclass, an online course with a refreshing approach towards delays.

Subject Sound Delay Masterclass

The course features over 3.5 hours of quality content, demonstrating the true shapeshifting capabilities of delays with Soundtoys Echoboy and FabFilter Timeless 2.

Delays have been an important part of audio production and mixing ever since it was invented, more than 60 years ago! Which is a pretty rare thing in this consumer-driven digital audio space, where a new plugin seems to see the light of day almost every week. The reason for it’s long standing career? Versatility.

When you dive deep into the inner workings of “classic” effect processors you’ll find that most of them are based on a delay in one form or another. This means that the opposite is also true, with delays we can re-create a whole bunch of effects, Reverbs, Flangers, Chorusses and even comb-filters which we can use to make melodies.

That is the essence of the course: Making sure your old familiar delay plugins become your new favourite tool. To showcase this the videos demonstrate a combination of techniques using Echoboy, by Soundtoys, and Fabfilter’s Timeless 2 plugin.

Which is great because these plugins are very different by design, this means that you’ll learn to understand how something works, instead of simply copying a setting.
All of the techniques shown are usable with most standard delays. As with all the Subject Sound courses, the focus is on the ideas, not the tools.

All students get lifetime access to the course videos (including updated lessons) as well as academic discounts on software and plugins.

More information: Subject Sound