Blinksonic° has released version 1.2 of SUBSTANZ°, a Reaktor instrument that offers a complete arsenal for performing modern beats with only 4 tracks.

SUBSTANZ concept provides a complete solution for switching between pre builded sequences and more lively performance with real time drum taps launched by an external midi devices.
With its wide flat design dashboard, all parameters are within a comprehensive workflow for creating a various range of beats and building modern rhythmic structures.

SUBSTANZ comes with a unique collection of samples, based on 61 drum kits which cover various electronic music styles. These drum kits are a subtle reworked of percussive tones from differents rhythm boxes, famous « amen breaks » and vintage acoustic drum parts.
All have been previously recycled in a blending audio process for getting 244 original high quality sounds which got the particularity of having a long release, hybrid tones and a multitimbral layer.

Blinksonic Substanz

Changes in SUBSTANZ° v1.2

  • The Mixer and Send Effect command routing has been revised.
  • All “Decay” knobs have been recalibrated. The values are more accurate.
  • In random mode, sample selectors knobs indicate the value of the sample triggered in real time.
  • Addition of a “solo” button on each tracks, for momentary cut of the related track.
  • The Global Pitch acts now downstream of all the other pitch parameters (pitch per track and pitch step sequencer).
  • Improved GUI for FX Processorz. To access the parameters of each effect just click on the “Momentary” button. To apply the effect, click the toggle button now represented by the effect symbol. (Similar to the Block PROCESSORZ ° available in the RUL).
  • All the snapshots have been reorganized and partially renamed.
  • Addition of 20 new kits, for a total of 80 additional raw files.
  • A new bank with 33 new snapshots.
  • New bank of 128 snapshots which compiles all the existing snapshots as drum kits without being launch by the internal sequencer. These kits aimed to be instantly triggered by an external sequencer (DAW) or any midi source.
  • New reduced “view B” which shows only the main parts of the interface, in order to take up less space on the screen according to the workflow used within a DAW.
  • New NKS mapping (Light Guide, Native Map®).
  • The “scope” viewer has been deleted to optimize the CPU.

SUBSTANZ° for Reaktor 6.1.1 or higher (full version) is available for 29.99 EUR. Note that Reaktor 5 is no longer supported.

Blinksonic° has also launched a Summer Sale on its VOZ° virtual vocalist generator for Reaktor 6, offering 20% off with coupon code voz_summer at checkout. VOZ° is on sale for 71.99 EUR until August 7th, 2017.

More information: Blinksonic°