Sugar Audio has released Oscarizor 3.0, an updated version of the 2D/3D multi channel spectrum analyzer audio plugin for Windows and Mac.

The new version introduces 2D/3D waterfall models, a highly customizable 3D Engine 2.0 using lighting, model sizing, and much more.

Sugar Audio Oscarizer 3.0

Parallel waveform, spectrum & stereo field comparison in 2D and 3D using side-chaining and 255 send/receive channels (up to 10 channels parallel) is the power of Oscarizor Pro – especially the multi channel spectrum analyzer in VST / VST3 / AU and AAX variants.

Changes in Oscarizor 3.0

  • New function: 2D/3D multi channel waterfall (Pro).
  • Mountain, bars, cylinder and tube 3D waterfall models (Pro).
  • SA 3D Engine 2.0: Highly optimized and customizable 3D renderer (Pro).
  • Two independent light sources with free positioning and coloring for all 3D analyzers (Pro).
  • Emissive, ambient, diffuse and specular 3D light controls (Pro).
  • Extended 3D parameters with model width, depth, back face culling and perspective correction (Pro).
  • 3D spread control to strech the model (Pro).
  • Dynamic control menu splitter (Free/Pro).
  • Thicker 2D signal contours (Free/Pro).
  • Performance & memory optimizations.
  • Bugfixes.

Oscarizor Pro is available for purchase for 44.95 EUR / $49.95 USD (incl.VAT). The update is free for existing customers.
A free version with limited features is available for download.

More information: Sugar Audio