Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on Sugar Bytes, offering a discount on virtual synthesizers, effects, MIDI sequencers, and more.

Sugar Bytes BF 56 PluginBoutique

The sale includes the popular Cyclop bass synthesizer instrument.

Monophonic, raw and unbelievably versatile. Cyclop is packed with tools for the bass of the future and beyond. Wobble Knob, FX Sequencer and a hilariously versatile sound engine will give you endless joy.

Sugar Bytes has some really creative tools in its product catalog. If you like happy accidents you should definitely check out the Turnado multi-effect (review) or the Obscurium synthesis tool for sound and pitch, a superb plugin for creating futuristic soundscapes and vivid harmonics (review).

Other gems to check out are the WOW 2 versatile filter, Factory modular synthesizer for complex and organic sounds, and the classic Effectrix multi fx sequencer, one of the first in its kind.

And if you can’t decide on what to get, the Sugar Bundle (already discounted over 50% off) is also 30% off during the sale.

The sale ends November 29th, 2017.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Sugar Bytes