Sugar Bytes has announced that its Cyclop monophonic bass synthesizer is now available for iPad.

Sugar Bytes Cyclop for iPad

Cyclop is now available for the iPad and unleashes monstrous bass sounds to the mobile world. No matter what setup you prefer, standalone synth with MIDI keyboard, or plugin with Audiobus or IAA, Cyclop will blow your mind.

Enjoy an incredible depth of sound design possibilities, great real-time control with Wobble Knob, FX Knob and Sound Knob. Integrated FX sequencer, vast modulation system and preset browser will take your inspiration to new levels. The interface has been improved for touch performance and the overall CPU usage has been reduced.

Cyclop for iPad features

  • Monophonic Bass Synthesizer.
  • 6×2 Synthesiser Engines, 10×2 Filter Engines.
  • Analog Sync, FM, Sample Transformer, Spectromat, Saw Regiment, Phase Stressor.
  • Vowel Filter Mode.
  • Free Signal Flow for 2 Oscillators, Filters and Distortions.
  • Incredibly versatile modulation system.
  • Multi FX Knob/Sequencer.
  • Preset browser with tagging and rating.
  • Full Midi Support (Virtual, Network, Extern).
  • Music Library Access (Transformer Oscillator).
  • iTunes File Sharing.
  • Inter-App Audio.
  • Audiobus.

Cyclop for iPad is available for purchase for $24.99 USD / 24.99 EUR.

More information: Sugar Bytes / Cyclop for iPad