Sugar Bytes WOW

Sugar Bytes has released WOW, a filter plugin which contains an intuitive modulation system and brings you perfect vowel sounds.

WOW features

  • Filter Features: 12/24db Highpass, 12/24db Bandpass, 12/24db Lowpass, Comb Filter, Band Reject, Band Crusher, LF Crusher
  • Vowel Mode: 2 Vowels can be mixed via Cutoff Control, with all available filtertypes.
  • Vowels: U, UE, O, OE, A, A:, AE, E, I
  • Modulation: Envelope Follower (can work frequency-selective), LFO (can be retriggered by the audio signal), Step Sequencer. (Modulators can be mixed in the parameters rightclick menues and can modulate each other).
  • Special: Overdrive, Mix Control: Mixes between filtered and original signal, Master Control: Final level

WOW is available in VST and AU formats (PC/MAC) for $99 USD / 79 EUR.

Visit Sugar Bytes for more information.