Sugar Bytes Effectrix

Sugar Bytes has released version 1.0.1 of Effectrix, a multi effect sequencer plug-in for Windows PC and Mac.

Changes in Effectrix v1.0.1

  • Vowel Mode fixed in Filter Effect.
  • FL Studio problems fixed.
  • Rtas Wrapper problems fixed.
  • Tempo control recall fixed.
  • Decay mode fixed in Looper Effects.
  • Size display fixed in Looper Effects.
  • Dry/Wet leveling improved in Looper Effects.
  • Retrigger behavior improved (now retriggers on seq-wraparound).
  • Bypass fixed in Audio Unit.
  • Monotrack compatibility for Audio Unit.
  • Sync behavior improved in Stutter Effect.
  • Stop Mode improved in Vinyl Effect.
  • Wavescope fixed.
  • Grafical improvements.

Visit Sugar Bytes for more information and a link to download the updated demo version of Effectrix.