Skylife has announced the launch of a Summer Sale on SampleRobot Pro, SampleRobot Multi-X and SampleRobot Korg+Wave, offering a 25% discount for a limited time.

SampleRobot offers a fast sampling process with a fully automated workflow. Sample export supports various formats and the software features an intuitive project assistant.

SampleRobot comes with sophisticated autoloop processing, transient recognition and sample editing. It has many loop and crossfade types including autogain crossfades. Premium multisamples taken from classic synthesizers are included as well.

Benefits of SampleRobot (abiding by relevant copyright laws and license agreements):

  • Build your own sample instruments easily.
  • Create digital copies of your favorite instruments and sounds fast.
  • Turn virtual instruments and complex sound layers into CPU-lightweight multisamples.
  • Play in other studios or on stage without carrying additional keyboards / sound expanders.
  • Perform laptop-based sounds on stage without laptop by using a hardware sample player.
  • Shape optimum loops for loop-based arrangements.
  • Build and sell/share your own sample libraries.
  • Have all your sound hardware on your hard disk and travel with your laptop.
  • Buy used gear and resell it after the automatic sampling procedure.
  • Use all your software instruments cross-platform and independently from specific operation systems.
  • Play monophonic instruments polyphonically.
  • Have total recall and editing capabilities for all instruments in every session.

During the sale SampleRobot 6 Pro is on sale for 187 EUR (regular 249 EUR), SampleRobot 6 Multi-X is 127 EUR (regular 169 EUR), and SampleRobot 6 Korg+Wave is 59 EUR (regular 79 EUR).

This special offer is only available from June 14th until June 23rd, 2019.

More information: SampleRobot