Sunsine Audio Animation Vol 2 Emulation

Sunsine Audio has announced the release of Animation Vol 2 – Emulation, a new preset pack for the Animoog virtual synthesizer for iOS.

Animation Vol 2 – Emulation, the second in the series, features 124 presets with a twist. Imagine if you ignored the Anisotropic engine in Animoog, or just used it as an extra LFO without the wave-scanning. That’s exactly what Sunsine Audio has done here. It turns out when you aren’t surfing through 8 waves every second Animoog actually sounds remarkably like an analog beast of yesteryear. The results end up being closer to Moog’s legacy products than anything normally heard out of Animoog. Furthermore, Sunsine Audio has put this new pack on sale for the first week of release, resulting in a dollar worth of savings.

“We ended up with some the most squelchy, thick analog sounding tones to come out of an iPhone or iPad ever. In fact, you’ll swear you have a Model 55 in front of you! We can safely say this having spent considerable time in front of a real Model 55 ourselves. If you’re seeking classic Moog tones, search no further. ” said Fletcher Kaufman of Sunsine Audio

Animation Vol 2 – Emulation features

  • 124 .preset files.
  • Tagged with prefix initials for easy recognition.
  • Includes easy installation instructions.
  • Note: Requires Animoog synthesizer for IPad or IPhone.
  • The soundset is available to purchase for $4.99 USD.

    More information: Sunsine Audio