Sunsine Audio iOS preset pack

Sunsine Audio has announced the release of the iOS preset pack, combining three of its products into a reduced price bundle.

The three products include:

  • Animation Vol 1 for Animoog.
  • Sinerise Vol 1 for Sunrizer and Sunrizer XS.
  • Chrysalis Vol 1 for Crystal Synth XT and Crystal Synth desktop.

Animation contains 130 presets, Sinerise contains 64 presets, and Chrysalis contains 67 presets for a total of 261 presets. Priced at $7.99 that works out to less than 3 cents a preset, or a saving of $1.98 overall. They are offering this bundle only for a limited time, and all of the products are available separately. Audio demos of all three products and free preview packs of Animation and Sinerise are also available.

Sunsine asl oannounced announced a partnership with Glitchbreaks to provide free factory loops for an upcoming update.

They’ve dropped the price of Glitchchip Vol 1 to only $8.99 from $14.99. We’ve heard rumors of a new sample pack but they’re being secretive, and wouldn’t reveal any information but did say they are hard at work on a slew of new iOS preset packs. They also revamped their website, making it much easier to download the free previews and are offering an incentive coupon to anyone reading this, %10 off any purchase using this code – tenpercent

More information: Sunsine Audio