Impact Soundworks has announced that its Super Audio Cart is now available as native Rack Extension for Propellerhead Software.

The virtual instrument features nearly 6,000 samples from 8 classic video game consoles and handhelds in a slick interface built just for Reason.

The most complete set of classic video game samples ever produced. Features EIGHT legendary systems from the 70s to early 90s with unparalleled accuracy, plus easy sound design tools to filter, modulate, sequence, and arpeggiate every sound.

Ideal for authentic chiptune music, EDM, hip hop, and much more!

Super Audio Cart Rack Extension features

  • Eight legendary video game systems: NES, FC, SNES, GB, 2600, C64, SMS, GEN.
  • Over 6,000 samples from over 630 unique sound sources.
  • All-new SNES ROM sample bank.
  • Classic GEN game instruments.
  • Meticulous editing to preserve authenticity.
  • Recorded using actual hardware.
  • Includes FC VRC6, VRC7 + FDS chips.
  • Monophonic / polyphonic playback with optional portamento.
  • Optional fixed note length, sample offset, and fixed pitch (useful for drums / FX).
  • Powerful sequencer with up to five parameters per step.
  • Alternate arpeggiator and gate modes.
  • Multimode filter with adjustable envelope.
  • 14 handy CV modulation routings for your sound design pleasure.

The Rack Extension is available for purchase for 99 EUR from the Propellerhead Shop. The original Super Audio Cart for Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player is available from Impact Soundworks for $149 USD.