Impact Soundworks has announced the release of Super Audio Cart, a virtual instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt featuring authentic samples of 7 classic video game systems and powered by a hybrid synth engine.

Impact Soundworks Super Audio Cart

With over 1,000 classic and modern factory presets, the instrument is designed not just for retro & chiptune music but any current genre from trap and trance ot cinematic underscore.

Produced in collaboration with the OverClocked ReMix video game music community, Super Audio Cart was designed to capture classic sound chips from the 2600, C64, NES, GB, SMS, SNES, and GEN systems with authenticity. Actual hardware was recorded to preserve the true output of each system, with all of the lo-fi character each is known for.

While old-school video game music enthusiasts will appreciate the 600+ available sound sources, the Super Audio Cart engine is also intended to allow for advanced sound design possibilities.

Super Audio Cart features

  • Seven legendary video game systems: NES, SNES, GB, 2600, C64, SMS, GEN.
  • Over 5,500 samples, over 600 unique sound sources.
  • All-new SNES ROM sample bank.
  • Classic GEN game instruments.
  • Meticulous editing to preserve authenticity.
  • Recorded using actual hardware.
  • Four layer architecture with independent controls.
  • Poly-arpeggiator, sequencer and gate.
  • Pitch, mapping, and playback parameters.
  • Over a dozen filter models.
  • Five separate FX racks with 8 modules each.
  • Custom “SNESVERB” module.
  • 64-slot modulation matrix.
  • Free CC/MIDI assignment to any parameter.

Super Audio Cart for Kontakt & Kontakt Player is available for purchase for $149 USD. Includes full support for the Native Instruments NKS standard (Komplete Kontrol, Maschine).

More information: Impact Soundworks / Super Audio Cart