Black Salt Audio has recently launched a new audio plugin that is designed to instantly add impact, punch and definition to any mix. Reviver is a multi-band transient shaper that delivers energy and punch for your transients and harmonics for added warmth.

Reviver’s adaptive processing automatically distinguishes between transient and sustained layers. This means you can add extra warmth, punch, definition and clarity to your transients, while leaving the sustained material in your mix completely intact.

Reviver features

  • Crystal clear and completely flat summing multi-band splitter that efficiently splits the frequency spectrum into Low, Mid, and High bands.
  • Finely calibrated detection circuits and processes that are perfectly designed for their frequency range.
  • The Low band module provides punch and thump to drums and bass, while maintaining the source material’s integrity.
  • The Mid and High-Frequency modules contains two dynamic, variable transient shaper algorithms. These introduce attack, punch, and tightness without losing the original character of the sound.
  • Three different even saturation algorithms to add presence and warmth to any sound material.
  • Oversampling can be engaged to limit aliasing and maintain the integrity of the original signal.
  • Both a Light and Dark mode.

Reviver for Windows and Mac (VST3, AU and AAX) is currently on sale at Plugin Boutique for $59 USD (regular $99 USD). The offer expires June 3rd, 2023.

More information: Black Salt Audio