SuperMegaUltraGroovy Capo

SuperMegaUltraGroovy has released version 2.1 of Capo, an innovative music learning software for Mac.

In this release, Capo has gained the ability to export MIDI transcription data, the waveform representation of audio has returned, and playback commands can now be controlled via learned keystrokes or external MIDI hardware.

Changes in Capo v2.1.1

  • The waveform display has now been re-integrated into the UI, and now serves as the primary loop interaction area (i.e. Where you will do your clicking to set/modify loop points.)
  • You can now export MIDI files from Capo (File > Export Note Entries…), for use in other applications such as Guitar Pro, Sibelius, Logic, etc.
  • Playback commands may now be re-mapped using either keyboard or MIDI devices.
  • Using Control > Go To Time…, you can now type in a point in time to jump to.
  • Dropping, and clicking on chord markers now plays the chord.
  • The note you are hovering over in the spectrogram is now displayed at the left-hand side of the spectrogram view, along with the existing C1, C2, … markers.
  • Spectrograms, waveforms, and chromagrams are now all cached after they’re successfully calculated. Now slower systems don’t have to suffer (and eat battery) each time a song is loaded.
  • An improved spectrogram processing front-end now uses a limiter to pull up quieter sections of audio, and keeps loud sections as they are. This results in a “hotter” spectrogram overall, but provides better balance to widely dynamic classical pieces.
  • When working with audio files at rates beyond 44.1kHz, the MIDI playback no longer sounds out of tune.
  • Capo’s chord detection now correctly reflects the combination of tuning changes and capo settings.
  • Added missing standard tunings for 5-String Bass, and Banjo.
  • The spectrogram now takes into account both channels of stereo audio equally.
  • Dragging loops now snaps precisely to marker locations.

Capo 2.1 is available now as a free update to all 2.0 customers, and is still a $19 USD upgrade for 1.x users. Capo can be purchased for $49 USD.

More information: SuperMegaUltraGroovy / Capo