Supersynths Klang Drum Machine

Supersynth has released Klang Drum Machine, a virtual drum instrument for Windows.

Klang Drum Machine is a 8 layer drum sequencing beast! Full enveloping, loop and groove editing, effects and pattern sequencing is but a few of the amazing features!

Included is the Klang core library (326MB compressed) – 750MB uncompressed of klangs, hits, strikes and more. Also, I have now included many, many new dry samples of bass drums, snares, toms, cymbals, side sticks and more – plenty of bread and butter samples to allow you to create any kind of percussion tracks you wish.

Patterns are being created by several people and will allow for continuous downloads of new material.

Klang Drum Machine features

  • VERY low footprint for instant results.
  • Use as many instances as you want.
  • 8 Layers with envelope, mixing & panning.
  • Multiple tempo-synced effects.
  • MIDI channel learnable and selectable.
  • Full-featured pattern sequencer.
  • 750MB sample library!

Klang Drum Machine for Windows is available to purchase for $40 USD until January 1st, 2012. For a limited time it includes the Cloudplayer and one expansion.

More information: Supersynths / Klang Drum Machine