Loopmasters has released Surefire Trap, a sound pack featuring loops, one shots, sampler patches, MIDI files and VST synth presets for trap music production.

Loopmasters Surefire Trap

Inside this collection you’ll find edgy bass loops, build ups, drums and melodies for all your needs. Drums come as full loops, kick & sub and no sub variations, to layer the rhythm section as you go. The all-important Trap builds are in 3 forms with Drums, Mixed Drums and Synths to raise the pressure before the drop! The melodic loops deliver a shot of potent Synth goodness with the odd vocal chop for good measure.

One shot samples feature Drums, FX and Vocal samples primed for Trap. Drums come hard and punchy – with snares, kicks, crashes, hihat rolls, percussions, claps and hihats. An extensive FX folder includes impacts, sweeps up and sweeps down – with white noise and risers galore. Vocal phrases are also included for that vital human element.

Surefire Trap also contains over 80 MIDI loops for instant drag-and-drop Bass and Melodies. These are perfect to use with the included VST presets for Sylenth, Spire and Massive – get ready to rip up the sound system! At 140 BPM this pack is organised into a range of musical keys, aimed directly at Trap.

Zen Ambient 2 is a new sample pack by percussionist Ralph Cree, featuring a deep collection of rich, melodic sounds featuring hypnotic rhythms, natural resonances and harmonic overtones.

Loopmasters Zen Ambient 2

Zen Ambient 2 brings you the naturally soothing sounds of the Hang Drum, Rammerdrum, Sansula, Piano Guitar, Saxophone, Bass Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer and more. Inside you’ll find Loops, One Hits and Multi Samples at a range of tempos and musical keys, with varied playing styles and techniques used to capture every nuance of the instruments.

Ralph Cree is the man behind Zen Ambient, a percussion virtuoso who has been performing Drums, World Percussion and Piano since 1991. With a degree in World Music from the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London), Ralph has played with artists including Chris Martin, Ben Waters and BiggaBush. He organises a 20 piece Samba band called ‘The Magic Drum Orchestra’; records his own solo work under the name ‘Undulus’, and plays Hang and Hammered Dulcimer in an acoustic duo under the name ‘The Crees’.

A range of syncopated melodic and percussive loops are included in the pack, with fine details and lush tones aplenty – captured at 24-Bit quality. Four Incredible multi-sampled instruments are included, in addition to a host of textured one hits. Each sample is provided 100% royalty-free, making it an ideal compliment to your Chill Out, Ambient, Downtempo productions.

Covert Techno features an industrial strength collection of Techno samples to get you right in the zone.

Loopmasters Covert Techno

Covert Techno emerges from the undergrowth with 386 Loops ready for clandestine dancefloor shenanigans. Bass Loops include smooth, low-passed warbles, jagged electro-inspired lines and throbbing sub undertones. Atmospheric pads and old-school inspired music loops will give your tracks a driving, dark presence. The combi Loops provide more melodic content, with sounds that fit together in a variety of musical keys with a variety of source instruments. The infectious drum loops come in various forms with Tops, Perc, No Kick and Full Drum versions – as well as dedicated Top Loops and Drum Layers to build your custom beat.

Dark and Twisted Vocal loops complete the selection – before you unearth hundreds of one-shot samples to construct your own stealth assault. Bass, Synth, Drums, Vocals and FX are all provided here with a load of multi-sampled instruments to sequence in your daw. A superb collection of drum hits include punchy kick drums, chunky snares, crisp hats and filtered percussion – with FX one-shots to aid undercover transitions.

Surefire Trap is available for purchase for £29.95 GBP, Zen Ambient 2 costs £34.95 GBP and Covert Techno is £29.95 GBP. Individual parts are also sold separately.

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