The Surge Synth Team has launched an update to the free, open source Surge software synthesizer instrument for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Version 1.8 includes many new features, and adapts a large collection of existing open source code to work inside Surge.

The update comes with new skins, including the “Royal Surge” skin and greatly improved Classic and Dark skins, new filters with multiple new filter models, and a complete implementation of a multi-segment envelope generator (MSEG) as a modulation source.

Royal Surge

‘Royal Surge’ is inspired by vintage hardware, developed and designed by Voger Design.

Surge now also includes a large number of Airwindows FX available in the FX chain, and the presets library now exceeds 2000 presets. Check the changelog for a complete overview on what’s new.

Surge is available in VST3 and AU plugin formats. Note that a VST2 binary is no longer distributed.

More information: Surge