Surreal Machines has announce an update to all of its plugins, bringing native Apple Silicon support, resizable user interfaces, and better performance and stability.

If you are on a new M1 Mac, that means huge performance gains and one step closer to worry free start and go music making.

RESIZEABLE UIs! Yes, we heard you. Sorry for the wait. Just like on Impact and Crack, Diffuse and Modnetic now both can scale their interfaces via a menu in the preset menu to set your favourite size.

The plugins have also released a hotfix update:

  • Fixed graphics speed issues when not at 100%.
  • Fixed access to factory presets when on Logic with Monterey.
  • Fixed font conflict on some computers.
  • Modnetic: Corrected reset behavior that led to CPU in Ableton Live 11 with AU when stopping transport and turning the plugin on/off.

The updates are free from the account/downloads section on the Surreal Machines website, and Plugin Boutique customers can also download the updates from their account.