S&V Studio has announced Bayan Jupiter Solo, a push-button accordion sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

S&V Studio Bayan Jupiter Solo

Bayan Jupiter Solo features

  • 16,498 samples, 11.8 GB content (wav, aif), 44,1 Hz 24 bit, mono and stereo.
  • 3-12 velocity layers for each note, 4 round-robin.
  • 15 registers relevant to the real sound of the bayan Jupiter.
  • Elective and Ready modes for left keyboard.
  • Realistic bayan key attack and release noise for any key, in all layers. Realistic Bellows noises.
  • Effects: Convolution Reverb, Limiter, Stereo Modeller.

The library is currently on sale for $156 USD (regular $260 USD).

More information: S&V Studio / Bayan Jupiter Solo