Swar Studio has released Swar Studio, a music production software for Windows and Mac.

Swar Studio is the first sequencer primarily aimed at music from India, whether modern or ancient. It includes both Indian and Western virtual instruments to allow you to create your favourite songs from the film or classical repertoire without the need of any additional tool.

With Swar Studio, you’ll be able to reproduce your favorite Bollywood hits of the past or present days, and/or create your own personal songs for a fraction of the price of setting up an expensive home studio.

Swar Studio features

  • Fully featured, cost-effective DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).
  • Audio tracks for recording or dragging audio loops.
  • Instrument tracks for recording from keyboard or dragging MIDI loops.
  • 36 in-built virtual instruments*.
  • Library panel with hundreds of included MIDI loops.
  • VST and Audio Unit effects.
  • Piano Roll editor for MIDI loops.
  • Link to external tools.
  • Quantization.
  • Drag loops directly from SwarShala or Swar Librarian.
  • Export to audio or MIDI files.
  • Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Free updates.

Swar Studio is available to purchase for $69 USD.

More information: Swar Systems / Swar Studio