Symphonic Series Vol 4 Piano & Orchestra 1

Producer Loops has announced the release of Symphonic Series Vol 4: Piano & Orchestra 1, a new “Symphonic Series” sample library.

Composed and produced by Sergei Stein, an up-and-coming composer with extraordinary talent and vision, this next volume of epic symphonic loops spans five feature-packed kits, with a MASSIVE 5.6 GB of uncompressed data per format to transport your projects and mixes from the studio to the big screen and beyond.

Within this mammoth library you’ll find five expertly composed Construction Kits with an emphasis on the piano and supporting orchestral instruments. You’ll find everything from violins and cellos to bassoons and horns which, when recombined, create an amazingly rich and detailed sound.

A range of major and minor keys are included and every kit comes with a text file outlining the key, tempo and meter of the piece.

Each of the five kits has its own distinct ‘feel’, ranging from enchanted and magical to reflective and sombre, making this pack extremely versatile and inspiring. Percussion is kept to a minimum, allowing the expressive and evocative phrases to breathe and speak for themselves. Some percussive elements are included, however (such as timpani, cymbals, etc.).

The inspiration for this pack is undoubtedly film music, and Sergei puts his talents to good use in creative a cinematic vibe throughout. Just listen to the demos and let your imagination wander! Of course, this isn’t the only application for these loops. Hip Hop producers, game music composers and anyone looking to add some orchestral flare to their project will find a use for them too.

The sample pack is available to purchase for £49.95 GBP.

More information: Producer Loops / Symphonic Series Vol 4: Piano & Orchestra 1