Synapse Audio Toxic

Synapse Audio has released a VST version of Toxic 2.5, a high quality FM and analog modelling synthesizer.

Toxic is a 6-operator-FM synthesizer of highest quality, with alias-free oscillators, warm filters and precise envelopes. All controls are interpolated, allowing to tweak all parameters smoothly in realtime without clicks.

A powerful effects section with an Equalizer, a Distortion unit and two Chorus, Flanger and Delay units completes this excellent generator.

Version 2.5 contains a new preset bank, several bug fixes and features improved performance using SSE2.

Toxic VST for Windows is available now for $49 USD. It is also part of Synapse Audio’s VST synth bundle and a demo version can be downloaded from the Synapse Audio website.

More information: Synapse Audio