Synapse Audio X-Poly

Synapse Audio has released X-Poly, a major upgrade to its instrument plug-in Poly-850.

The concept of the X-Poly is based around two oscillators, each containing four special sub-oscillators spaced one octave apart. Both oscillators can be blended seamlessly between a square and a sawtooth-type waveform and can be freely panned in the stereo field. The six-stage envelopes controlling the amplitudes of the oscillators provide a linear slope for the first five stages and a semi-logarithmic release for the final stage.

A global filter applied to all voices simultaneously as well as a stereo noise generator and a sophisticated chorus effect complement the unique sound of this instrument plugin. As a result, the X-Poly is particularly great for warm backing sounds, leads and atmospheric pad sounds, that fit nicely into the mix.

X-Poly features

  • Full Stereo engine.
  • Panorama knob for both oscillators.
  • Dual Voice mode for thicker patches.
  • Enhanced interface.
  • Stereo Noise generator, providing more spacious sounds.
  • Release stages are now semi-log as opposed to linear (sounds better).
  • Zero CPU usage when idle.
  • Chorus section now provides feedback and modulation depth controls.
  • Maximum polyphony upgraded to 20 voices.
  • Semi-transparent readouts for all knobs.
  • Additional presets added.
  • LFO Rate range extended.
  • Amplitude responds to velocity.
  • Multiple instances on multiple cores now work properly.
  • Visual Glitches in the option menu fixed.
  • Keyboard now responds when triggered via MIDI too.

X-Poly is available to purchase for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) for $49 USD. It is available to all registered users of the Poly-850 or SynthPack Ultimate free of charge.

More information: Synapse Audio