Synapse Audio Dune

Synapse Audio has released version 1.35 of Dune, a virtual synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows and Mac.

DUNE (Differential Unison Engine) is our flagship synthesizer, a massively complex, yet easy to use subtractive synthesizer with a high-end sound quality that does not fear the comparison with expensive hardware.

Changes in Dune v1.35

  • On the second modulation matrix page, the row numbers were incorrect, fixed.
  • The MIDI Forget option did not work properly, fixed.
  • The LP24 Ladder filter model could go unstable when both high resonance and FilterFM were used at the same time, fixed.
  • [Win] Ctrl+Click now sets the default value from the Init Patch.
  • [Win] Cubase 6-64 did not always detect Dune, fixed.
  • [OSX] Logic 9 Touch Automation did not work in the 64-bit Audio Unit, fixed.
  • [OSX] Command+Click now sets the default value from the Init Patch.
  • [OSX] The 32- and 64-bit editions are now installed in a single package. By clicking on the Dune logo, you can see which edition you’re currently running.

Dune is available to purchase for $139 USD.

More information: Synapse Audio