Synapse Audio Orion 8

Synapse Audio has released version 8.02 of Orion, a music production software for Windows.

Orion Studio 8 is the latest edition of Orion, a complete virtual studio with a powerful sequencer, synthesizers, effects and a mixing desk.

Changes in Orion v8.02

  • Trying to open the pattern event editor from the mixer on a minimized window crashed, fixed.
  • Effects assigned to Insert slot #3 on the mixer were not marked as assigned, fixed.
  • Effect Parameters could be recorded in Pattern mode, fixed.
  • Some users experienced VSTi crashes with Reaktor and other NI plugins, fixed.
  • Linking Modwheel to a parameter did not work, fixed.
  • Randomize feature did not work well for DrumRack/Pro9, fixed.
  • Missing DrumRack samples on V7 songs could crash Orion, fixed.
  • VST effects did not receive MIDI notes via ‘Receive MIDI From…’, fixed.
  • Crossover labels in BandFX corrected to 6 and 12 dB.
  • Scrolling/Zooming via Mousewheel now consistent in all views.

Orion 8 for Windows is available to purchase for $249 USD. A free demo version is now available to download (no saving of projects or patches, 64-bit version not included).

More information: Synapse Audio