Synchro Arts Double Tracker (Alpha)

Synchro Arts has released an alpha version of Double Tracker, a doubler effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Unlike most other doublers and chorusing effects this plug-in needs to analyse a piece audio before it can generate the doubled (or processed) version. To do this you need to play the piece of audio through the plug-in with ‘Capture’ switched on. This allows the plug-in to analyse the piece of audio as a whole.

Once the doubler has analysed or ‘captured’ the audio the plug-in operates as normal. You can vary any of the controls and listen to the changes in real time as you play the audio.

The processing part of the doubler has three main parts namely a variable delay line, a shifter of formants and a re-sampler (labelled ‘Vibrato’ in Fig. 1 above). There are also simple gain controls for the input and output signals (i.e. the processed and unprocessed signals) so that you may vary the mix between the two. There is a VU meter that shows the level of the processed signal.

Double Tracker is available as a VST3 plug-in for Cubase 4 (v4.5.2) and Cubase 5 (v5.0.0). It will stop working after its trial period is over.

Note: This alpha version is a simplified pre-design version of the the final product but it will allow you to evaluate the quality and distinctiveness of its audio processing.

More information: Synchro Arts