Vocal processing specialists Synchro Arts has announced that its award-winning Revoice Pro 4 and VocAlign Ultra products will be reduced in price through the month of May.

Whether you’re in a big studio or working at home, Synchro Arts products not only help achieve polished and radio-ready vocals, they’ll save you countless hours of tedious manual editing too.

The undisputed industry standard for aligning audio, VocAlign is the go-to solution for tightening vocal performances so they are in sync. Featuring technology from Synchro Arts’ flagship Revoice Pro software, VocAlign Ultra takes plug-in based vocal matching to a whole new level with unparalleled control and total flexibility.

Then if you need a more complete solution to perform tasks like tightening a huge vocal stack, making forensic pitch adjustments or creating authentic doubles, Revoice Pro 4 has you covered. Also, while Revoice Pro is perfect for working with vocals, it’s great for instruments like guitars and brass too.

Upgrades are included in this promotion so existing Synchro Arts users can also save big. The offer is valid at the Synchro Arts store and from distributor Plugin Boutique until May 31st, 2022.