Synful Orchestra

Synful has released version 2.4 beta of Synful Orchestra, a virtual instrument featuring Synful’s Reconstructive Phrase Modeling (RPM) technology.

Changes in v2.4 beta

  • New: string playing modes including pizzicato, bartok-pizz, collegno, tremolo, harmonics, sul-ponticello, sul-ponticello-tremolo and mute.
  • New: synthesis engine which preserves full 24 bit fidelity while still allowing flexible morphing capabilities needed for Synful’s RPM.
  • New: sforzando control stretches and emphasizes the first stroke of a tremolo. Adjusting harmonic tilt, release time, and release noise level, in pizzicato strings can create all kinds of Koto, African kora, and otherworldy sounds.
  • Added: keyswitching, flexible MIDI control mapping, many new control paramenters.
  • Integrated authorization system.
  • Support for MAC Univeral Binary, Leopard, Logic 8, Windows XP/Vista 32/64.

Synful Orchestra is available for Windows and Mac in native AU, VSTi and DXi formats, and costs $479 USD.

Visit Synful for more information.