Mario Jurisch of Synth-Project has introduced The Diva Controller, a custom controller for the Diva virtual analog synthesizer by u-he.

Synth-Project The Diva Controller

The DIVA controller is ~90cm wide and has a height of ~30cm, weighing about 9kg.

The DIVA controller is special designed for Urs Heckmanns VST/AU Plugin. Inside the controller there are 2 Doepfer USB64 Midi interfaces. One special wheel electronic for pitch and mod wheel and the MKE Electronic for the 4 octave Fatar keyboard with velocity. The controller has about 90 knobs and 25 switches.

The difficulty was, how to realize the different modules of the oscillators, filters and envelopes. If the controller would have its own knob for each parameter then the controller would have the dimension of a Moog Modular. ;o)

More information: Synth-Project