Reveal Sound has introduced a new soundset for the Spire synthesizer by Saif Sameer. Synth Renaissance 2 delivers a fresh batch of glorious sounds of iconic vintage synths from the ’80s.

A huge selection of 150 presets, faithful emulations of vintage VCO & DCO synthesizers from the 80s decade. Synths such as: Roland Juno-60, JX-8P, Oberheim OB-6, Korg Polysix and many more. Ranging from creamy basses, tweak-able SFXs, lush keys, evolving pads & variety of synths. Suitable for almost any music genres.

Professionally crafted presets, each of these presets has full modulation assigned to mod knobs, velocity, mod wheel & after touch. Opening a whole space of sonic manipulation, reducing the limits to create music, and eliminating the hassle of parameter tweaking.

The royalty free soundset is available to purchase for $24.50 USD at the More information: Reveal Sound store.