Synthblitz Audio Deep One

Synthblitz Audio has updated the Deep One synthesizer instrument plug-in to version 1.04.

This new version adds a control knob for unison voices and a control knob for FM that affects simultaneously on all operators, this is located on the main panel for comfortable use.

Also added is a function in the “LFO 1” to control the global FM for moving sound, plus another sine oscillator called “digital sine” in the operator section and a switch to the total reset to default.

Also reduced noise, and replaced some sounds.

Changes in Deep One v1.04

  • Unison control knob.
  • Global FM CONTROL KNOB in the principal panel.
  • New function “FM-LFO” in LFO 1 (modulation page).
  • Switch “Reset To Default”.
  • New Digital Sine osc.
  • Replace more presets.

Deep One for Windows (VST) costs 49 EUR.

More information: Synthblitz Audio / Deep One