Synthblitz Audio has released version 1.99d of its Nitroflex wavetable synthesizer with added features of FM, PWM and multi-fx.

Synthblitz Nitroflex

This version adds a new window to simplify the search of the presets, and other new features such as a compressor, an emulator of analog sound, new organ waveforms and a greater number of available presets, which are designed for use in deep house music and other dance genres.

Changes in Nitroflex v1.99d

  • New window presets (improved presets search).
  • New Auto-Compressor (in out section).
  • New fx “analog transistor emulator” (in out section).
  • Now 1200 presets (new organs, piano and more).
  • Fixed more presets.
  • Added more organ waveforms.
  • New shortcut for knob default (ctrl+ left click).
  • Switch to quickly exclude arpeggiator (in window presets).
  • Other fixes.

Nitroflex for Windows (VST) is available for purchase for 29 EUR. The update is free for registered users.

More information: Synthblitz Audio / Nitroflex