Best Service has announced two bundle option for Dreamtronics’ AI-powered vocal synth instrument, Synthesizer V.

Experience the future of music creation with Synthesizer V, a revolutionary synthesizer crafted from years of AI research. This cutting-edge tool faithfully reproduces the nuances of human singing voices with unprecedented realism and versatility.

Synthesizer V Studio is a powerful AI-based singing synthesizer – intuitive, nuanced, and realistic. Get full control over vocals and lyrics alongside a fast, seamless interface. Several life-like voices to choose from, you’ll never look at virtual singing the same way again.

Synthesizer V features

  • Realistic vocal reproduction: Captures human singing nuances with deep neural networks.
  • Customizable voices: Dynamic vocal modes like chest, belt, and breathy for expressive flexibility.
  • Live rendering: Real-time waveform visualization for efficient editing.
  • Cross-lingual synthesis: Supports English, Japanese, and Chinese for versatile compositions.
  • Professional integration: MIDI import, real-time melody input, and VST3/AudioUnit compatibility.

Synthesizer V for Windows and Mac (VST3/AU) is available in two bundle versions with 3 or 6 virtual voices, starting from 299 EUR.

More information: Best Service