Synthgeek SG-Noisebot

Synthgeek has released SG-Noisebot and SG-Noisebot Mini, two virtual synthesizer instrument plug-ins for Windows PC.

These synths are based around two sound generators- one that uses a math formula capable of chaotic behavior, and another which is an oscillator-synched noise source. The combination of these two sources produces a wide range of strange sounds, from clicks & beeps to grinding mechanical mayhem. Another interesting feature present in both versions is the “data corruption” effect, which adds another level of chaos to the mix. This is something like a software circuit bend which taps the audio stream at several points along its path, randomly mangles the signals in various ways (which are affected by various combinations of control signals from the synth’s modulators) & mixes the mess back into the output.

Differences between Noisebot and Noisebot Mini

  • Full version has a choice of wave shapes for the RM osc and its associated LFO, mini is limited to a sine wave for both.
  • Full version has 4 step sequencers- 3 of which are fully assignable, and one which controls the volume but can also modulate any other destination parameter in the modulation matrix. Mini has only 2 step sequencers- the volume seq (which is still also assignable), and one mod seq.
  • Full version has 3 LFO’s, mini has 2.
  • Full version has 3 extra mod destinations in the matrix, which are assigned to control parameters of the RM osc by default (osc frequency/pitch, mod rate, and mod amount), but can also be switched to modulate several other parameters (gen 2 min & max freq, RM 1 & 2 depth, hi cut frequency).
  • Full version adds a simple low pass filter after the main filter, which can be switched in or out of the signal path. This is a non-resonant “hi cut” filter, which can be quite useful for certain sounds.
  • The “data corruption” effect is stereo, and enhanced in other ways in the full version due to having more modulators & such to work with.
  • Full version comes with more presets.

SG-Noisebot is available as a donationware VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC, with a minimum donation of $5 USD (entitles you to all future updates free of further charge). Noisebot Mini is available as a free download.

More information: Synthgeek