SynthTronic releases Michael Kastrup Signature Soundset for Pro-53

SynthTronic Signature Soundset for Pro-53 by Michael Kastrup

SynthTronic has released a Signature Soundset for Pro-53 by Michael Kastrup, a collection of 64 presets for Native Instruments Pro-53.

Michael Kastrup writes:

This soundest was created simply because an oldie but goodie was discontinued. If Pro 53 is to be retired I’d like to add my little mark on this super efficient and simple good sounding synth.

Pro 53 comes with 512 presets so a lot of sounds are covered but I was still able to cook something not heard before on the Pro 53 and this soundset are those sounds.

The Michael Kastrup Signature Soundset for Pro-53 is available to purchase for 5 EUR.

More information: SynthTronic

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I checked the demo and Kastrup is talented. His sounds show that is a really nice & underappreciated synth.

I’m wondering why NI discontinued it when they could have easily continued selling it, perhaps at a lower price point like Live Intro.


Pro-53 is the perfect candidate for Audiomidi’s no brainer deals. Old but worth it. I don’t understand why old softsynths can’t continue be sold at a lower price or turned into freeware. For example, TC Works Mercury 1 – I recall it sounding good but being a resource hog & a bit buggy. It would be cool if it was available now as an open source project.

I also wish Michael would release a bank for Imposcar.