SynthTronic ST Chorus

SynthTronic has released ST Chorus, a chorus with personality and full of vintage flavour.

Michael Kastrup writes:

The ST CHORUS is my idea of a good sounding chorus. My preference for making this chorus comes mainly from my days working with various Roland effects like Dimension D, RE-301, Jazz Chorus Amp, Juno 60, Boss Pedals etc… I wanted a broad stereo chorus which adds the smear phasing effects without losing its dynamics. ST CHORUS primary target of use is with older mono VST synths or synths which comes with a somewhat weak chorus, but it might have use in other places.

ST Chorus features

  • 2 chorus smear modes
  • Controls for chorus mix, spread, modulation and feedback
  • Dry/Wet/Mix switch
  • 14 presets, 18 default settings

ST Chorus is available as a VST plug-in for Windows PC and costs 19 EUR. A demo version can be downloaded from the product page (limitations: ChorusMix volume is not constant).

Visit SynthTronic for more information and audio demos.