IK Multimedia has announced that its previously announced T-RackS 5 cutting-edge mixing and mastering system for Windows and Mac is now available.

T-RackS 5 is said to be the most powerful modular mix and master system ever, offering incredible versatility with 4 all-new processors for a total of 38 high-quality modules.

The new version includes a new completely redesigned, resizable interface in a flexible 16-processor series/parallel chain with an unrivaled audio engine, a complete broadcast-ready professional metering section, as well as an album assembly section with multi-format export.

IK Multimedia T-RackS 5

IK Multimedia has led the way in mixing and mastering software since it created T-RackS in 1999, evolving and expanding the collection while setting an industry standard for some of the world’s best sounding plug-ins for professional applications. It’s no coincidence that thousands of top-charting records have been made using T-RackS.

Now T-RackS 5 has been re-mastered to be more powerful than ever, providing everything necessary to take raw mixes to a perfect finished product ready for digital delivery or CD duplication.

T-RackS 5 features

  • 4 new processors (Master Match, Dyna-Mu, EQual, ONE).
  • Completely redesigned, flexible and resizable interface.
  • Ultra-rapid, flexible and smooth workflow.
  • A total of 38 high-end modules: available à la carte or via carefully selected bundles.
  • Unique modular chain system with 16 series/parallel slots.
  • Improved audiophile-grade audio engine.
  • Up to 192kHz / 32-bit floating point processing capability.
  • 4 optimized user-selectable dithering options.
  • Extensive calibrated metering for multi-standard, broadcast-ready and future proof masters.
  • Album assembly with sequencing and metadata embedding.
  • Multiple file format export function.
  • 64-bit native support.
  • Standalone workstation, plugin suite and single plugins for Audio Units, VST2, VST3 and AAX formats.
  • Requires macOS 10.7 / Windows 7 or later.

T-RackS 5 is available now in both free and paid versions.

  • T-RackS 5 Custom Shop version is available free of charge, and comes with the Classic Equalizer, simplified metering and offers users the option to try and buy any of the other processors.
  • T-RackS 5 is 149.99 USD/EUR, offering a total of 9 modules, including the 4 all-new processors and full metering.
  • T-RackS 5 Deluxe is 299.99 USD/EUR, offering 22 essential modules.
  • T-RackS 5 MAX is 499.99 USD/EUR, offering all 38 mixing and mastering modules.

Users who have any registered IK product of 99.99 USD/EUR or more can purchase T-RackS 5 MAX at crossgrade pricing of 299.99 USD/EUR.
All prices excluding taxes.

More information: IK Multimedia