Plugin Boutique has announced a sale on the Wavesfactory Tack Piano, offering a 25% discount on the virtual piano instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Wavesfactory The Tack Piano

The Tack Piano is completely re-sampled from scratch, it sounds better than ever and is now a completely authentic tack piano featuring a new GUI with top-notch features that makes it unbeatable and a dream come true for tack piano fans like myself.

Equally at home in music, sound design or FX, the Tack Piano is like no other and a must-have addition to your piano collection.

Tack Piano features

  • Piano library for Kontakt featuring an upright with thumb-tacks on the hammers.
  • With a more percussive sound it’s often used to evoke the feeling of a honky-tonk, associated with ragtime pieces in old Hollywood Western movies.
  • Fully mixable 3-channel perspectives, 8 velocity layers and 6 round robin.

Tack Piano is on sale $69.95 USD for until May 23rd, 2019.

More information: Wavesfactory