Taco van Dijk has updated the Changeling sequencer app for iOS to v1.1

Taco van Dijk Changeling

Changeling is the super easy, flexible, diatonic chord sequencer.

It’s purpose is to help people enjoy composing music by providing the basic tools to improvise!
Improvisation is a skill that can normally only be obtained by investing a lot of discipline and time in to studying music theory and practice.

Changeling does not generate compositions for you, you remain in full creative control over your music. All recorded musical notes remain relative, and can be changed in various ways during playback.

Changes in Changeling v1.1

  • Tracks:
    • 16; one for each midi channel.
    • all parameters for each track in a sequence are saved & recalled.
    • lock scales and root notes per track, independently (longpress gesture).
    • cycle through tracks by swiping up and down the pattern area
  • copy/paste & clear patterns, works between sequences (longpress gesture).
  • multiple undo / redo, state is saved each time you switch from record to playback.
  • quantization while recording patterns.
  • midi export via email (records all parameter changes & midi channel info).
  • support for custom soundfonts; Open them in changeling via Dropbox or Email for example. The internal sampler is still monophonic though.
  • fast sequence switching (by swiping left and right in the pattern area).
  • memory; Soundfonts are unloaded in MIDI mode.
  • bugfixes, one relating to a MIA scale.

Changeling for iOS is available to purchase for $4.99 USD.

More information: Changeling