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Sonic Anomaly Unlimited Compressor

Sonic Anomaly releases Unlimited free loudness maximizer & limiter plugin for Windows

Sonic Anomaly has released Unlimited, a free loudness maximizer and limiter for stereo and 5.1 surround material. The plugin includes an ITU-R BS.1770 compliant...
Sonic Anomaly Transpire

Free Transpire transient processor & Bass Professor MkII plugins updated with scalable GUI

Sonic Anomaly has released updates for two of its audio effect plugins for Windows.The Transpire transient processor that enhances or dampens the initial attack...
Sonic AnamolyTranspire feat

Sonic Anomaly updates Transpire free transient designer plugin

Sonic Anomaly has re-released its Transpire transient processor plugin. The updated version features a new GUI, improved CPU optimization, code rewrite, sensitivity control, reduced...
Sonic Anomaly TriLeveler 2

Sonic Anomaly releases TriLeveler 2 free broadcast voice leveler plugin

Sonic Anomaly has released TriLeveler 2, a free EBU R-128 compatible voice broadcast leveler effect plugin for Windows and Mac.TriLeveler 2 is a "semi-real...

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