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Sylvia Massey Coloring Books

Sylvia Massy’s Recording Unhinged & Audio Icons Unhinged Coloring Books on display at NAMM

Hal Leonard Books has announced that the Recording Unhinged Coloring Book and Audio Icons Unhinged Coloring Book by Sylvia Massy will be on display...

Make studio mayhem with Sylvia Massy’s Recording Unhinged

Hal Leonard Books has released Recording Unhinged - Creative and Unconventional Music Recording Techniques, a book by Sylvia Massy that dares you to "unlearn"...

CreativeLive announces free Studio Pass workshop hosted by Sylvia Massy

CreativeLive 'Music & Audio' has announced a free, two day 'Studio Pass' workshop to be hosted by veteran producer and engineer, Sylvia Massy, known...

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