Tanager AudioWorks Chirp

Tanager AudioWorks has released Chirp, a virtual MIDI keyboard controller for Windows and Mac.

Chirp turns your computer or laptop keyboard into a virtual MIDI keyboard controller with 18 piano keys, 10 drum triggers and all the control you’d expect from a piece of hardware. The program produces no actual “sound” itself – instead it produces MIDI notes and messages, which in turn “drive” any music software application, MIDI instrument or plug-in soft synthesizer capable of generating sound from MIDI input.

Chirp Features

  • High quality re-sizable keyboard display shows piano keys being pressed with photo-realistic shadowing
  • Includes 10 programmable trigger pads map-able to any MIDI event—even SYSEX commands
  • 2 controller wheels allow mouse or trackpad entry of any MIDI continuous controller
  • 16 Channel Virtual MIDI Input/Output Port, installs as a virtual MIDI port—appears in the MIDI Devices menu of any music software application
  • Runs on Mac OS X or Windows XP/Vista.

Chirp is available on CD-Rom or as a download for $39.99 USD.

Visit Tanager AudioWorks for more information and demonstration videos.